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EsportsLeague of Legends Worlds Groups Stage: Wunder interview
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League of Legends Worlds Groups Stage: Wunder interview

Even after an injury-plagued season, G2 Esports’ Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle was a key part of their LEC Summer Finals win.The star support gives us the rundown on his injury and his return to form.Great expectations With G2 Esports’ dominant MSI victory in the Summer, expectations for European teams have been set at an all-time high.G2 Esports has been named by many to be one of the favourite teams to win it all.To top it off, the European squad will be able to play the group stage in front of their home crowd in Berlin.For Wunder, it doesn’t make that much of a difference, saying, ”I generally ignore all the outside noise when I’m playing, but it’s pretty nice not having to travel far away and deal with jetlag.” Throughout the Play-In stage, Damwon Gaming, seemed to be the strongest team, as they stormed through the Play-In Group Stage with a 3-0 record and taking their qualification round with a 3-1 victory over Lowkey Esports.While expectations for the European teams are high, Wunder himself thinks that Korea is still the strongest region.He considers SKT to be their biggest challenge to overcome: “They were already pretty good at MSI and I think they’ve gotten better with their new support,” he says.

“But it also depends a lot on the meta which, right now, is vastly different to the previous one.” In their own group G2 Esports have to face-off against Cloud9, Griffin and Hong Kong Attitude.Wunder thinks that Griffin will be their strongest competitors, as they are the second seeds from Korea and they’ve shown they mean business in their regular season, too.“They also have good and solid players in every position, although I don’t know much about their new top-laner yet,” Wunder explains.Quotation I don’t really think much about being the LEC Summer Split winner, since my sight has been on Worlds ever since MSI Wunder While G2’s toplaner thinks that Griffin will pose the biggest challenge, he also says Cloud9 have a chance to make it out because, “Griffin are full of rookies with no real international experience compared to C9, who always make it out of Groups even when it doesn’t seem likely.” Wunder’s wonderful season Wunder has his eyes set on Worlds © Riot Games Wunder has been on a rampage throughout the year – he and his team managed to win both Spring and Summer Splits as well as MSI, but Wunder doesn’t dwell on his past wins that much: ”I don’t really think much about being the LEC Summer Split winner, since my sight has been on Worlds ever since MSI.” “But I’m getting hyped to play on the Worlds stage again,” he adds.Wunder is one of the best top-laners at the tournament, which he proved during MSI.He only struggled against IG’s top-laner and IG won’t be in G2’s group.The meta seems to currently favour G2 Esports as well.Mages are played in the botlane and there are hardly any tanks to be seen in the toplane.

Wunder thinks that Pantheon will be one of the strongest picks throughout Worlds this year.“He was perma-banned in all but one game in Play-Ins and it looks pretty strong in practice too.Maybe some team will find counters to him at some point in the tournament.” Throughout the different splits, Wunder has shown that he’s incredibly versatile in his champion picks, with a deep and interesting pool.He brought out champions like Annie and Soraka – and who knows what he’ll bring to the table once the Group Stage kicks off.Wunder also made it into Riot Games’s 2019 Worlds Top 20 list , with renowned caster Andrew ‘Vedius’ Day rating him as the second best top-laner in the world, just behind Damwon Gaming’s Jang ‘Nuguri’ Ha-gwon.Vedius states that he sees G2 Esports as the best team in the world right now and has three other G2 Esports members on his list as well.The big question remains, however.Will G2 Esports turn their expectations into reality? G2’s first game will be on Sunday against Griffin – and this game will set the tone for the rest of their Worlds run – so make sure not to miss it.

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