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LoL worlds group stage day two round-up

League of Legends Worlds Group Stage Day Two Round-Up By Yinsu Collins Last Updated: 13/10/19 11:06pm Teams in Group A have officially kicked of their Worlds campaign (Credit: Riot Games) Catch up on everything you missed from Day Two of the League of Legends Worlds Group Stage in Berlin, along with what Jankos and Zeyzal make of their group.
Teams from Group A finally kicked off their Worlds campaign and they certainly did not disappoint, but it’s still SKT who proved to be the most dominant side at Worlds in Day Two of the group stage.SKT v Royal Never Give Up SKT are one of the strongest teams at Worlds (Credit: Riot Games)
SKT and RNG showed fans in game one why Group C has been dubbed as the group of death.Although it was the Korean first seed who emerged victorious in the end, RNG certainly didn’t make it easy for them.Faker, Khan and Teddy storming RNG’s base: — lolesports (@lolesports) October 13, 2019
The two sides fought hard and dirty for 43 minutes in what will go down in history as one of the most exciting matches at Worlds before RNG were caught out by a double teleport from SKT, who promptly ended the game with a mere 100 gold lead.Fnatic v Clutch Gaming Fnatic came away with an important win against Clutch (Credit: Riot Games)
After losing to SKT on Saturday, it was imperative that Fnatic get themselves a win over Clutch Gaming if they want a fighting chance to get out of Groups – and that’s exactly what they did on Sunday.
Determined to make Garen and Yuumi work, Fnatic also put Broxah on his iconic Lee Sin pick alongside Nemesis ‘ Akali.Huni looked promising on Tristana – a champion Faker absolutely dominated to bring down Fnatic just 24 hours before.

— lolesports (@lolesports) October 13, 2019
Vulcan’s Bard also caused some trouble for Fnatic’s bot lane but a critical Elder fight gave them the edge over Clutch.Nothing is guaranteed at Worlds and the European second seeds still have much to improve on after their shaky performance on Sunday.Team Liquid v Invictus Gaming Team Liquid currently have a 1-1 record at Worlds (Credit: Riot Games)
In Group D, Invictus Gaming picked up their second win of the tournament by taking down Team Liquid .
The North American side were able to secure first blood when IG’s three-man dive onto Doublelift and CoreJJ didn’t quite go their way.For a while, the two sides looked pretty even – Liquid managed to take Rift Herald while IG came away with the first turret.
However, the balance was tipped heavily in IG’s favour after they secured baron and the defending champions closed the game out with ease.They are top of Group D with a 2-0 record and will take on Damwon Gaming on Monday.ahq v e-Sports Club v Damwon Gaming ahq’s Alex isn’t optimistic about their chances of getting out of groups (Credit: Riot Games)
Damwon Gaming and ahq e-Sports Club gave us one of the less entertaining games of the day.

There were only 15 kills in the 27-minute game and ahq’s Alex admits that both sides made mistakes and ahq didn’t get a chance to get into the flow.
He said: “It felt like a shame because we didn’t even get to team fight them, and we lost.I just feel like there are some problems with our macro game and in the laning phase, we had lots of mistakes as well.
“The rest of Group D are all very strong.

We have four games left and I’d give it a 20% chance that we’d win a couple of them.To be honest, making it out of groups will be very difficult for us right now.” Griffin v G2 Esports Jankos is proud of his side to have beaten Griffin in their opening game at Worlds (Credit: Riot Games)
Finally, G2 Esports and Group A kicked off their Worlds campaign on Sunday and Europe’s finest put on a dominant performance in their victory over Griffin .
Although it wasn’t the cleanest of games, G2 made their mark from the outset with three quick kills and despite Caps dying to Chovy ‘s iconic Irelia, his team managed to settle into the game quite nicely.
And Jankos , who told fans not to underestimate Korean teams, is delighted to beat an LCK side on stage so early on in the tournament.Chovy SOLO KILLS Caps in a 1v2! #Worlds2019 — lolesports (@lolesports) October 13, 2019
He said: “I thought it was going to be really difficult.It was still hard and I think both teams choked but we did win against Griffin as a first win.

For sure, winning the first game on stage and at the same time winning against a Korean team makes me happy.
“However, it doesn’t really mean anything though because we still have five games to go and Griffin can still take revenge on us but I just hope we win the Group Stage and go into the Quarter Finals and play best of fives.” Cloud9 v Hong Kong Attitude Cloud9’s Zeyzal is looking forward to taking on G2 (Credit: Riot Games)
Last up was Cloud9 who beat Hong Kong Attitude in the longest game of the day.The two sides went back and forth for nearly 47 minutes and accumulated 37 kills but it was clear that both teams were lacking in several departments to be able to close the game out.
C9’s support Zeyzal admits that they could have drafted better to deal with HKA’s Garen and Yuumi bot lane.

— lolesports (@lolesports) October 13, 2019
He said: “The game was too long.

We thought it would be a bit easier but the draft was really hard for us.It wasn’t particularly easy for us to engage on Garen or kill him.”
C9 will be taking onto G2 on Monday in what could be a crucial decider on C9’s chances of getting out fo Groups but Zeyzal is confident.
He said: “I think it’ll most likely be us or G2 to get out of groups.I think we definitely should make it out and I personally expect us to.I can’t really say whether we’d be first seed or second seed – it’ll mostly depend on how we do against G2 tomorrow.
“We can definitely beat them though and draft will matter a lot.It’d be pretty funny if we beat them tomorrow just because they’ve been shitting on NA the whole year!” Trending .