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Esports‘League of Legends’ releases ‘Origins’ documentary, plans for 2020 animated show ‘Arcane’
'League of Legends' releases 'Origins' documentary, plans for 2020 animated show 'Arcane' thumbnail

‘League of Legends’ releases ‘Origins’ documentary, plans for 2020 animated show ‘Arcane’

Reblog On top of seven new game announcements, “League of Legends” studio Riot Games has released a documentary looking at their flagship title’s rise, as well as a trailer for a 2020 animated series called “Arcane.” Directed by Leslie Iwerks of Emmy-nominated “The Pixar Story” and Oscar-nominated documentary “Recycled Life,” Riot Games documentary ” League of Legends: Origins ” looks at how one of the biggest video games in the world found its footing.A stadium-filling eSport with millions of dollars up for grabs at its annual world championships, “League of Legends” made its debut in October 2009 as an iteration on community-made “Warcraft” franchise modification, “Defense of the Ancients.” The documentary has been released through Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, and Microsoft platforms, as well as FandangoNOW and Vudu in the US, and as a rental or purchase via Amazon US and UK.Riot is also expanding on its selection of animated character reveals with a full “League of Legends” series, ” Arcane.” It’s being made by ongoing Parisian partner Fortiche Production which, as well as those character shorts, was behind Marvel series “Rocket & Groot” as well as animated music videos for Gorillaz, Freak Kitchen and Limousine.Despite the bright visuals, “It’s not a light-hearted show,” Riot’s creative head of development, Greg Street, told The Hollywood Reporter.”There are some serious themes that we explore there, so we wouldn’t want kids tuning in and expecting something that it’s not.”.