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EsportsLeclerc vs Button vs Stokes in Virtual GP tonight
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Leclerc vs Button vs Stokes in Virtual GP tonight

George Russell, WilliamsNicholas Latifi, Williams So I’ve been roped in to taking part in the next Virtual Grand Prix this Sunday Live on @SkySportsF1 .Should be a good laugh, take it easy on this newbie @GeorgeRussell63 @landonorris @Charles_Leclerc @NicholasLatifi @alex_albon ðŸ™�ðŸ�½ #f1 #everyracelive #skysportsf1 #melbourne — Jenson Button (@JensonButton) April 3, 2020 Virtual GPs: The Sky F1 pundits explain…
Three-time F1 race winner, but Esports novice, Johnny Herbert on adapting to a new racing challenge…
You’ve driven plenty of F1 cars, and on plenty of F1 tracks.How does this compare?JH: “It’s never going to be the same to driving an F1 car as it’s a visual feel.It’s a different skill.

You have to reprogramme your brain to how the sim is visually giving you the information, because you don’t get any sensations in a physical way.Because of these sensations disappearing, the feeling – for me – was a million miles away at first.
“But as you get used to how the game and the simulator itself works, and your technique gets better, it weirdly shifts round and starts coming back towards the real thing.
“The tracks look great, but do drive a little differently to what I’m used to.

There are kerbs for example which you can use when you drive in a car, and in the game you’re thrown straight into the wall! That means you’re doing a line your brain never did.
“I raced an F1 car in Australia so I remember where you could and couldn’t clip kerbs, but in the game there are places that you can clip which are not like it was when I did it for real.So you’ve got to learn where you can clip and then take advantage of the track.A couple of gamers told me if I go through 11 and 12 – which is the very quick left and right flick – you can use a lot of kerb.When I was racing, you could never, ever do that – you’d be straight into the wall.
“It’s all about learning how the game reacts.” 0:47 Nico Hulkenberg crashes into a wall on the opening lap of the Virtual Bahrain GP.Nico Hulkenberg crashes into a wall on the opening lap of the Virtual Bahrain GP.
How do you feel about Sunday’s race?JH: “I’ve been practicing Grands Prix, so I hope by Sunday I’ve put myself in a better position and better equipped to deal with the sim world that is out there! But it’s challenging.To adapt to it, it takes a lot of time.”
And how different will be Sunday’s event race compared to the first in Bahrain? Mercedes simulator driver Anthony Davidson gives his take…
Will this be a more serious virtual race this weekend? AD: I think it is (going to be more serious).

I participated at the beginning of it two weeks ago, the Virtual Grand Prix Bahrain, there were lots of technical issues, teething problems.But this time around it will be stable and settled.Also See:.