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EsportsDota 2’s The International Has Been Delayed | Kotaku UK
Dota 2's The International Has Been Delayed | Kotaku UK thumbnail

Dota 2’s The International Has Been Delayed | Kotaku UK

By Alistair Jones on at
Dota 2 ‘s most important competition, The International, has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Valve announced its decision in a blog post last night, stating that the event is “likely” to take place in 2021.
“We have been exploring various date possibilities, but it is likely that the event will need to happen in 2021.Given the highly volatile landscape for local gathering restrictions, virus trajectory, and global travel policies, we don’t expect to have enough confidence to communicate firm dates in the near future.
For several years, Valve has helped fund the competition’s record-breaking prize pool via sales of its annual Battle Pass.25% of the money earned eventually finds its way to pros, but last year’s outing netted Valve around £80 million ($100 million) in bonus revenue.

As such, it comes as little surprise that the system will be returning “soon instead of closer to the event itself.”
The International 2019 took place in August, and while that’s still several months away, it’s likely pretty difficult to arrange travel and events logistics right now.

It’s an unfortunate way to ring in the tournament’s tenth anniversary, but as one of the world’s biggest esports tournaments, I imagine The International isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.Tags: .