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EsportsReport: Rocket League teams air grievances to Psyonix
Report: Rocket League teams air grievances to Psyonix thumbnail

Report: Rocket League teams air grievances to Psyonix

Thirteen teams from the Rocket League Championship Series drafted a letter to developing company Psyonix as a means to air a number of grievances, The Esports Observer reported.
A perceived lack of clear communication coming from Psyonix in regard to schedules and new partnership opportunities were included in the letter that was signed by representatives from BDS, Endpoint, eUnited, G2 Esports, mousesports, NRG Esports, Pittsburgh Knights, Renault Vitality, Rogue, Singularity, Spacestation Gaming, Susquehanna Soniqs and Veloce Esports.
The teams recommended bi-weekly calls between owners and association personnel as it relates to scheduling updates as well as partnership and marketing opportunities.
The letter also brings up prize money distribution, monetization of the league for the publisher and teams as well as conditions surrounding slot ownership.
“(Transfer) ownership (of RLCS slots) to the teams, who are the primary caretakers and drivers of player’s health/well-being/growth/financial wherewithal,” the letter read, per The Esports Observer.”Ownership of the league spots resting with the teams would allow us to manage player salaries, manage our rosters, and have financial control and ownership over our investment.”
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