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EsportsUbisoft Details Rainbow Six Siege’s New European League | Kotaku UK
Ubisoft Details Rainbow Six Siege's New European League | Kotaku UK thumbnail

Ubisoft Details Rainbow Six Siege’s New European League | Kotaku UK

By Alistair Jones on at

Ubisoft is in the process of overhauling Rainbow Six Siege esports, moving on from the Pro League to establish the new Rainbow Six Siege League, which will be shaped by smaller, regional leagues.The latest of those to be unveiled is the Rainbow Six European League.

In Europe, ten teams will compete in the league, which runs from March to December each year, and will be split into three stages.The top four teams from each stage will automatically qualify for the Six Major, with those placed 5-8 scoring points that might allow them the chance to compete for a slot at the game’s biggest competition later in the year.Those teams at the top will also qualify for a Finals tournament to determine that year’s European champion.

As well as establishing a clearer regional presence for the game’s top tier, Ubisoft is helping establish a clearer path to the top.The European Challenger League – populated by the winners of national leagues from across Europe – will exist beneath the European League, with the best team from that competition taking the place of the worst team from the top tier.Furthermore, second place in the Challenger League will have the chance to compete for a spot against the second-last team in the European League.

As an overall structure it’s not exactly revolutionary, but it does a good job of echoing traditional sports, which tend to have more or less established their league structures pretty well by now.

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