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EsportsFIFA 21 PS5: Reveal, Release Date, Details, vs Xbox Series X, Gameplay, Graphics, Trailer, Specs, Controller & more
FIFA 21 PS5: Reveal, Release Date, Details, vs Xbox Series X, Gameplay, Graphics, Trailer, Specs, Controller & more thumbnail

FIFA 21 PS5: Reveal, Release Date, Details, vs Xbox Series X, Gameplay, Graphics, Trailer, Specs, Controller & more

We are expecting the first look at Sony’s PlayStation today.

A stream is coming on Thursday, 11 June at 4pm ET / 9pm BST and we should finally see what the PS5 is capable of!

Once that has been released, we can dig deeper and see what effects that will have on FIFA 21.What to expect from the PS5

Earlier in the year, Sony’s system architect, Mark Cerny, shed some light on what we can expect from the new console.More powerful CPU and GPU Improved graphics and visual effects 8K supported graphics (if you have a TV which supports 8K) System memory increased in size and speed Ability to download larger files CYBERPUNK 2077 – despite delays, we can’t wait to play it on PS5

Speed and better visuals is what we’re looking at here.Ray Tracing Models the travel of light to simulate complex interactions in 3D environments Leads to heightened realism, as it allows accurate mimicking of how light bounces off different objects GRID – night races in Shanghai will look incredible on the PS5

Ray tracing has been seen as a mode in certain games like Minecraft , and if it can make a significant impact on the sandbox game, imagine what it could do for FIFA.

Improved Audio Increased immersion with sounds coming from above, behind and around Requires no external hardware, but headphone audio will lead to the best results SILENCE – PS5’s improved audio will make for a truly terrifying experience

The stadium comes to you in Next Gen for FIFA, so expect the immersion experience to go up a notch.Specialised SSD Reduced loading times both on loading screens and fast travel across open-world games Increased speed of how a world can be rendered Cerny demonstrated how Spiderman moved faster through the streets of Manhattan, due to the faster ability to get data off the improved hard drive AVENGERS ASSEMBLE – being released just months before the PS5, Square Enix’s game should make a smooth transition to next-gen

No manager hanging around on loading screens, so you can get through Career Mode campaigns in a flash! Unreal Engine 5 shows the power of PS5

The PS5 could be a truly legendary machine.This was on display during the unveiling of Unreal Engine 5 .

This engine, developed by Epic Games, showed off the potential of what the PS5 can do.

FIFA is currently on the Frostbite engine, but if this is what games can look like on the PS5 then the future of FIFA graphics could be incredible.What does this mean for FIFA 21?

With new instalments of FIFA usually being released in late September, FIFA 21 will likely be released on the PS4 at first, before becoming available on the PS5 upon the console’s launch.

The improved graphics, including all-new ray tracing, will mean more realistic stadiums, pitches, crowds and players 8K supported gameplay means the new visuals will look as crisp as the youtube video below, but with more realistic graphics leading to an ultimate virtual football experience Improved audio will result in a new stadium experience as you listen to your team’s chants echoing around the ground Dive straight into matches with almost non-existent loading times Gameplay

There are some areas in FIFA 20 that need tweaking, with some aspects of the game considered overpowered (OP) by the community.

Perhaps FIFA 21 on Next Gen can correct some of these issues.Headers & Corners

It is obvious EA has looked to nerf the overpowered heading ability we have seen in previous FIFAs, but whilst we don’t want to see every header fly into the top corner, it would be nice if it was a little bit easier.

A greater window on timing would go a long way, and perhaps having a greater impetus on the heading accuracy attribute, with not all players adept in the air.

HEAD BOY – Heading should be left to the experts

The front-post corner was foolproof in FIFA 19, and it was rightfully removed for FIFA 20.

The trouble is now, corners are just too hard to score from either offline or online.Free Kicks and Penalties

We’ve alluded to it already, but a change to free kicks and penalties would be something welcomed by many.ACCURACY – There may be a target on screen, but penalties aren’t easy!

Yes, people have gotten better at free-kicks as FIFA 20 has progressed but, for many, it’s something which is just too difficult.Likewise with penalties.

With the option to revert timed finishing back to the classic, why not allow players to choose which free kick / penalty technique suits them best too? ‘Lag’

One sometimes frustrating issue that is encountered at least once in online matches is the infamous ‘lag’.

Usually this involves visual and input delays which can effect the outcome of the specific game in question.

Playing a first-person shooter – your enemy may ‘jump’ ahead of where he was running and so on.

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It’s still early dreays to be able to tell whether this will be less of an issue on PS5 as lag is not purely down to power of a console.

Players will surely have there fingers crossed that the Fifa 21 gaming experience is as smooth, if not smoother than that of Fifa 20.

Inside Xbox gameplay footage

While Sony has been under the radar holding back any insights into how games will look on the next gen PS5, Microsoft has pushed forward debuting in-game looks at its own Xbox Series X.

We fully expect Sony to fire back with some footage of its own in the near future to keep up.EA confirms no delays

Coronavirus has delayed and canceled plenty of big 2020 projects, but EA is pushing right through it.ROADMAP- The future of EA is bright in the face of coronavirus

Releasing the news in a finance call, EA put out a schedule of their 2020 release timetable.The schedule places FIFA 21 as a Q2 2020 release.

Release date

FIFA 21 is predicted to release this year in September.

It would be understandable if fans of the series were concerned that the next instalment may suffer a delay though.

As mentioned, with the ongoing pandemic cancelling and postponing events such as E3, Euro 2020 and the Olympics – it could be the case that FIFA 21 suffers a similar fate.

Fears on this looks to have eased thanks to Madden 21 appearing in the Inside Xbox stream on Xbox Series X , and EA pressing ahead with EA Play on 11 June.IT IS WHAT IT IS – Can we really expect the Next Gen releases to stay on schedule?

Next Gen consoles may also be impacted ahead of their Holiday 20 release.

It could be theorised that state of football in the real world will have an effect on the game, for example, if the new season starts much later than expected, EA may release FIFA 21 more in line with Next Gen consoles.

We’ll have to keep our ear to the ground, and our fingers crossed on this one.

PS5 Controller Revealed

Fortunately, our friends at Gfinity Esports have tucked into what this means for FIFA 21.HANDS ON – We can’t wait to play FIFA 21 with new PS5 controller!

They believe the Haptive Feedback will improve dribbling and ball control, and the Adaptive Triggers can enhance feedback for acceleration and sprint speed.

The built-in microphone could allow you to change tactics on-demand, much like Xbox’s Kinect, and the Create Button could improve content distribution.Will FIFA 21 be the same on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

You can expect gameplay on both consoles to be almost identical.

That said, there is a chance that EA has worked more closely with the Xbox brand, especially after Madden 21 appeared in Inside Xbox stream.

It has been given the “Optimized for Series X” tag, so until we have more details from Sony and PS5, we won’t know for sure..