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EsportsG2 Esports Secures “Triple Roster Renewal” Through 2022 | Kotaku UK
G2 Esports Secures "Triple Roster Renewal" Through 2022 | Kotaku UK thumbnail

G2 Esports Secures “Triple Roster Renewal” Through 2022 | Kotaku UK

By Alistair Jones on at

In the fast-paced world of esports, roster changes are a regular occurrence.As metas shift and personalities clash, it can be rare to see a team stay together for much more than a single season.Which makes G2’s renewal of three full rosters for nearly three years a deeply impressive achievement.

In an announcement yesterday, the european esports powerhouse confirmed a “triple roster renewal,” revealing that all members of its League of Legends , Rainbow Six Siege , and Rocket League teams will stay with the organisation “through to 2022 and beyond.”

I can’t necessarily speak for the R6S and Rocket League scenes, but in League of Legends , this kind of move is almost unprecedented.Some players’ entire careers can be over after four years, but this G2 lineup will have been playing together for that long if they stay together to the end of their new contracts.Whether last year’s world championship runners-up can maintain their form until that time remains to be seen, but the fact that these contracts even exist feels like a credit to the environment that the org – which was only founded in 2014 – has managed to cultivate.

Image credit: G2 Esports .