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Following the return of indoor activities, and successful kids’ holiday courses, Innovation Esports is delighted to be working in collaboration with the Beacon of Light on an exciting community wellness project, called The Beacon Gaming Challenge.

The Beacon of Light recognises that gaming can be highly motivating for young people, and when harnessed can enhance young people’s education, and support future vocational choices. The Beacon of Light is also committed to the wellbeing of young people. During the recent restrictions on our movement, gaming has provided a way to stay connected with friends and family.

On the 29th of August, the Beacon of Light will hold the first Beacon Gaming Challenge at the Beacon of Light, Stadium Park, Sunderland, where participants can enjoy a fun-filled 45 to 60-minute gaming challenge. 

  • Once your ticket has been purchased, participants will receive a pre-assigned time-slot to attend.
  • On arrival, participants will receive a briefing from our gaming administrators who will give you hints, tips, and tricks.
  • You will then be asked to give a live pre-match interview with one of our hosts, that can be saved and shared with friends and family.
  • Now the real fun starts as you take part in up to 8 mini-quests, completing challenges using our modern classic arcade titles. 
  • Finally, battle it out with an opponent in a once in a lifetime opportunity to play FIFA 20 supersized on a console. 
  • All participants will be automatically entered into a prize draw.
  • The highest scoring participants are in with a chance to win a cash prize of up to £500. 

To participate in this memorable and fun experience, get your tickets at: