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EsportsAndbox reveals ASTRO Gaming collaboration
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Andbox reveals ASTRO Gaming collaboration

New York-based esports organisation Andbox and audio peripheral brand ASTRO Gaming have revealed a limited edition NYSL X ASTRO Go For the Gold Collection that includes a gold necklace and gold-painted headphones.The NYSL X ASTRO Go For the Gold Collection was designed exclusively for seven New York Subliners (NYSL) players and one fan.It consists of a diamond and black onyx encrusted NYSL logo on an 18k gold chain necklace, accompanied by a set of gold-painted ASTRO a40 headphones.RELATED: ASTRO Gaming and Timbuk2 reveal gaming bag collection A sweepstakes is being held on Twitter that will award the last commenter with their own necklace and headphones.According to a release, the NYSL X ASTRO Go For the Gold Collection was released to commemorate the team’s 2021 season.The collection is part of an ongoing partnership between the two organisations that began in February .

Andbox said in a statement: “No other esports organization calls the NY Tri-State area home, and [NYSL’s] award-winning design team infuses its consumer products and apparel collections with the attitude, personality, and culture of the greatest city in the world.” RELATED: FaZe Clan unveils limited-edition collection with Takashi Murakami Andbox is in a unique position to leverage the New York esports fan base, as it owns both Call of Duty League (NYSL) and Overwatch (New York Excelsior) franchises in the state.In a previous interview with Esports Insider, Andbox co-founder Rohit Gupta explained: “Andbox is a representation of everything that we’re doing in New York, from an apparel line as well as other game titles we might enter.So … we see Andbox as being the gaming brand for New York going forward.” Esports Insider says: Just as shoes and hats are a major part of pop culture, esports has wisely transitioned from ‘teams playing games’ to a lifestyle brand.Organisations like 100 Thieves and Faze Clan are prime examples of this, and we can expect to see many other fashion-related collaborations in the future.ESI Podcasts | Digest, Focus, Insight .