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Innovation Esports

The team at innovation esports has a guiding truth that it uses to validate its activities and delivery. This simple truth that time is the most valuable resource any one person has, and the only part of our existence that cannot be replenished.

It is for this reason that innovation esports supports the competitive gaming and esports community, enriching the ecosystem by providing products and services that help the modern gamer hold a balanced and enjoyable experience, all while providing lasting memories. To live up to this, to-date innovation esports has built innovative products and services that lead the way, setting positive trends in the competitive gaming and esports ecosystem.

We achieve this by leveraging world-class experience and cross-industry expertise to curate authentic, cutting-edge and commercially astute competitive gaming and esports solutions, that best meet the needs of our partners, brands, teams, players, and the fans in the gaming community.

Our purpose focuses on the long-term success of the competitive gaming and esports ecosystem and prepares that moment where a team or individual takes their chosen discipline to new and unprecedented levels by being the best version of themselves, using solutions curated, architected and developed by innovators.

Our mission recognises that competitive gaming and esports is an access point that can connect brands to consumers and a platform for consumers to engage with the brands they love.

We aim to guide our partners on how best to approach, develop and engage in this space to achieve strategic and commercial objectives while providing value and remaining authentic in the eyes, hearts, and minds of the modern gamer.

Our core values align us with those who we serve, our team ask questions to understand brands always being eager to learn something new. We’re innovative, always introducing new ideas, original or creative in thinking. We stay relevant particularly to current contemporary interests and we remain flexible, ready and able to change or adapt to different circumstances.

We differentiate ourselves through a belief that this is more than a game, coupled with our ambition, philosophy, purpose, mission and core values, to innovate and create a future environment we are proud of, and that young people thrive in.

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