Slide PROTECT ESPORTS INSURANCE. DESIGNED TO KEEP YOU IN THE GAME. Free for the first month Slide COVER Protect your gaming equipment, gadgets and accessories today. We've got you covered. Slide ENJOY FAN Supporting the wider Esports community providing cover for the fans who enjoy being a spectator PLAYER Customised insurance for every player covers you both at home and abroad and includes protection for your accessories PRO GAMER We understand that you need to be able to rely on your technology to participate in your favourite Esport. With comprehensive cover and repair or replacement in as little as 24 hours TEAM As a team you have a high value of equipment and you will be travelling to participate in Esports events. With large cover values we protect against theft, loss and damage worldwide Slide PERSONALISED COVERAGE WHAT IS INCLUDED

Accidental Damage
Covers accidentally cracked screens and other damage that prevents the device from functioning.

Any damage or loss resulting from a device being stolen.

Accidental Loss
Any damage or loss resulting from a device being stolen.

Mechanical Breakdown
Covers your customer for the replacement of their phone if they accidentally lose it.

Overseas Cover
We give you all-year round 365 day overseas cover – maximum of 60 days in any one trip.

Accessories Cover
We’ll replace any accessories (up to £150) if they are damaged, stolen or lost at the same time as the mobile phone.

Unauthorised Calls
If your phone is lost or stolen we will cover up to £10,000 of unauthorised calls.

Second Hand Devices
We cannot cover any second hand gadgets.

Older than 12 Months
Devices more than 12 months old from new won’t eligible under this cover.

Refurbished Devices
Refurbished devices that were bought from specialist online retailers will not be covered

Claims withing 14 days
This is to help us prevent fraudulent claims, which in turn allows us to provide affordable insurance.

Cosmetic Damage
Policies don’t cover things like scratches, stains or minor chips to the body of your device.

Theft from Commercial Vehicles
So if you’re a taxi driver, this insurance won’t cover you for theft while you’re using your vehicle.

Unsecured or Unattended
Theft from an unsecured or unattended vehicle or public place