Innovation Esports appoints dock10 to host JDX Esports Final

dock10 has collaborated with Innovation Esports to host the inaugural JD SportsJDX competitive gaming event.

Following the recent announcement of JD’s move into gaming and Esports, dock10 were delighted to be selected as the location to host the Final’s. Working closely with Innovation Esports, the team at dock10 helped deliver a unique event which included live experiential acts combined with competitive gameplay all of which were streamed live.

This was the first Esports event hosted at dock10 and required a studio process that merged the two broadcast formats as well as a new level of technical integration between the gaming and broadcast systems in the studios. Innovation Esports worked with our team to develop a framework and technical approach that integrated with existing infrastructure to accept gameplay, overlays and feeds as inputs, and transform them to be pushed out across digital channels.

In another first for dock10 and Esports in the UK, the entire studio was projection mapped providing the audience with a 360°view of the gameplay and interviews. The dock10 team supported Innovation Esports projection mapping team in the setup and delivery of this immersive experience.

Taz Rose, Founder, and CEO of Innovation Esports “the team at dock10 were a fantastic partner for and provided the experience and flexibility we needed to deliver this unique event”

Andy Waters, Head of Studios, dock10 “We were delighted to be the host venue and it allowed our teams to build upon their knowledge of the demands an Esports event places on a traditional studio environment. The collaboration with Innovation Esports puts dock10 in an ideal position to host future Esports events.”