JDX Finals at Dock 10 Manchester

This Saturday, 3rd August saw the finals of the inaugural JDX esports and competitive gaming event take place at the Dock 10 TV studios in Manchester.

Following exciting and competitive qualifiers we had 21 players reach the finals across three different titles – Fortnite, Fifa 19 and Rocket League.

The gaming facility was built in the centre of the studio with tiered seating for the invited audience and the entire studio was projection mapped to provide an immersive experience for participants and spectators and around the main gaming stage there were experiential zones that included a DJ, football and basket ball freestylers, beat boxers and breakdancers amongst a host of other acts.


There were lots of gaming stations for the audience to experience including Fifa and Rocket League stations provided by our partners from HyperX and Forza driving simulators alongside a set of retro video games to ensure all generations could participate.

The entire show was broadcast over twitch and officially adjudicated by our referees giving our JDX competitors a taste of the professional competitive gaming experience.

At the end of a fantastic day and some close competition we crowned the first JDX champions who received a cash prize, a set of gaming swag from Hyper X and an invitation to join us at our Las Vegas boot camp later this year.