Travel Management_


As is the case for any sport and eSports is no exception there is a need to travel in order to either participate or be a spectator for the growing number of worldwide events and competitions.

As a competitor or a team participating in an event you will have a specific set of travel requirements and as a spectator that is equally true. At Innovation Esports we have created a bespoke set of travel services that allow us to offer tailored packages to esports events around the world.

For each event we have a range of packages and options that include tickets to the event, travel to the destination, hotels and accommodation and transportation to and from the event. We have different levels of package we can provide:

  • Full travel packages – with flights, hotel, airport transfers and event tickets
  • VIP packages – luxury hotel, private transfer and event package
  • Hotel – multiple hotel options and event tickets
  • Flight– choice of airlines and and event tickets

If you are a team looking to have a complete service for your event we can support you with a customised package so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



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